The Smokenders Home Quit-Kit

The Smokenders Home Quit-Kit uses the same successful format as our seminars that have helped over one million smokers kick the habit since Smokenders began in 1969.

What is the Home Quit-Kit and how does it work?
Everyone knows that nicotine is addictive. However, many people do not realise the huge impact that emotional and social issues have on smokers. If people only smoked because of nicotine addiction, then using patches, gums or just trying to cut down would suffice. The fact that people stop smoking and then return to smoking has nothing to do with nicotine. Their lifestyle, their personal stresses and their triggers (e.g. with coffee or a wine) are what gets them back on to smoking. In other words, it is the habit that needs to be effectively addressed, otherwise the smoker will stop and start forever.

Smokenders is proven to deal effectively with both the addiction and the habit. It is a 7-week process whereby the smoker continues to smoke up to the fifth week. Because it is a gradual process, there are no withdrawals and willpower is not required.

Furthermore, Smokenders is not another “quick-fix” approach. Smoking is too complicated to ‘just stop’ because people smoke when stressed, bored, lonely, angry, and a host of other circumstances. And smokers have life triggers to smoke, such as with a coffee/tea or wine/beer; after a meal; when starting the car; when the kids are misbehaving; when there is bad news, or good news; etc. Many people also smoke to avoid eating or are concerned that they will gain weight when they quit. So how can a smoker expect a “quick-fix” to take care of all those life situations? Smokenders is designed to deal with every aspect of a smoker’s habit, so that when people stop smoking with us, they have a sense of achievement, mentally as well as physically. And the tools they will have used can now be directed towards other areas of their life and other new goals.

The Home Quit-Kit has been designed to give smokers the opportunity to undertake the quitting process in the comfort of their home or work, at a time that suits them. The smoker will be completing one session per week for 7 weeks. The kit contains everything necessary for the smoker to quit comfortably, step-by-step, as they progress from smoker to ex-smoker to non-smoker.

The Home Quit-Kit contains:-
*  Four CDs covering all the necessary instruction required
*  A personal Workbook manual, which covers the entire program on a step-by step basis

To view the objectives and an overview of the entire Home Quit-Kit, see below.

There is also a free-call HELP-LINE available should participants ever need assistance with any aspect of the Home Quit-Kit or the quitting process itself. This assistance is also available after the program is completed.

Cost:If you smoke a pack a day, you spend over $3,500 per year. The proven Smokenders Home Quit-Kit costs just $259 (plus postage). This means that the program costs you less than 3 weeks of cigarette money. See cost of smoking.
So now you can stop smoking for good, at a bargain price!

Remember that Smokenders is the only program that deals with all aspects of the smoking habit. It is the only effective program designed by former smokers for smokers. We have all been smokers who quit via the proven Smokenders program.

Smokenders is the established world-renowned program that has helped over 1 million smokers (including 40,000 Australians) to stop smoking in a comfortable and relaxed manner, without using hypnosis, acupuncture, pills, quick-fixes or willpower. See testimonials on the site. 

Why put off quitting again . . . ?
Apply now for your own Smokenders Home Quit-Kit and begin your journey towards becoming a non-smoker.

for just $259 you can stop smoking for good!




   * The Home Quit Kit costs $259
   * Please add $8-00 for postage and handling  (Total cost: $267-00)
   * If you have a Pension or Seniors card, you will qualify for a 10% discount.
      Please supply details. 

Bank Transfer
Transfer $267 from your bank account to:

Smokenders Australia
Westpac Bank
BSB: 032-051
Account: 68-5659

Then send an email to Smokenders stating the following:-

I have transmitted the fee for the Smokenders Home Quit-Kit to your account BSB: 032-051
Account: 68-5659 (please include transfer date)
Please send my Home Quit-Kit to me as follows:

Full Name
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Send a CHEQUE or MONEY ORDER for $267 to:
Smokenders Australia
P.O. Box 1000
Bondi Junction  
NSW   1355

Include the following information with your payment:
Please send my Home Quit-Kit to me as follows:

Full Name
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Shipping Policy.
On receipt of payment we ship our product to anywhere in the world.
Customer Service Policy.
If there is a delay we shall let the customer know within 7 days



Session 1

  • Instil and boost confidence that quitting smoking is achievable, despite previous setbacks.
  • Create the right frame of mind, commitment and motivation necessary for success.
  • Develop an understanding of the smoking habit so that all levels of the habit can be addressed:  physical, psychological, social, emotional and cultural.
  • Explore reasons for smoking and bust old myths that build up over years of smoking (e.g. “smoking gives me a lift”, “relieves boredom” etc).
  • Focus on personal reasons to quit, personal attributes and talents, and life goals.
  • Address the various fears about quitting smoking.
  • Deal with the hand-to-mouth routine so weight gain is minimized and oral gratification is achieved.
  • Offer the opportunity to ring the Help-Line for support at any stage during the program or afterwards.
  • Determine the Cut-Off Day as the goal to work towards.
  • Learn how to chart progress in such a way as to identify and deal with smoking issues.
  • Introduce special letter that can be handed to non-smokers and/or reformed smokers who might sabotage the smoker’s efforts to be free from smoking.
  • Introduce special information and instruction for pipe smokers, smokeless tobacco chewers, nicotine gum users and patch users.
  • Introduce weekly Action Steps for gaining control and understanding of the habit (at a physical, psychological, social, emotional and cultural level), including introduction of the weekly “Pack-Strap” for tabulating progress, and begin the process of weaning the smoker slowly off nicotine.

NOTE: Current Australian legislation restricts cigarette manufacturers from divulging nicotine levels in cigarettes. Despite this, Smokenders has been able to obtain information to assist smokers with the weaning process of removing nicotine from their system.

Session 2

  • Evaluate progress since the last session.
  • Explore and create the value of a positive attitude in the quitting process.
  • Understand the impact of stress on smoking and begin to learn steps to combat it.
  • Instil an understanding that smoking doesn’t make anything better or solve problems.
  • Explore self-pity as an insidious emotional trigger and learn tools to overcome it. 
  • Discover the importance of correct breathing and repatterning techniques as great weapons against the habit.
  • Continue weekly Action Steps for gaining control and understanding the habit (at a physical, psychological, social, and emotional level), and continue the process of weaning the smoker slowly off nicotine.
  • Encourage the smoker to make use of the free-call Help-Line at any time.

Session 3

  • Review previous weeks activities and appraise progress.
  • Promote an understanding of how stress affects daily smoking patterns.
  • Continue to explore how self-pity has sabotaged past efforts and how to deal with it.
  • Decode cravings and create solutions.
  • Explore fatigue along with the relationship of smoking and blood sugar levels.
  • Deal with the smoking triggers of caffeine and alcohol.
  • Explore the value of perseverance and recognition of achievement.
  • Introduce non-smoking rewards and distractions instead of smoking.
  • Encourage relaxation techniques.
  • Discuss the value of exercise to minimize weight gain and implement weight control techniques.
  • Continue Action Steps to further break complex smoking triggers, the smoker’s attachment to cigarettes and continue the weaning process.

Session 4

  • Evaluate progress and acknowledge successes to date. 
  • Introduce self-motivation and continue with relaxation techniques as powerful tools to stay motivated and calm.
  • Introduce introspection, self-acknowledgement and ongoing affirmation as a means to positively move forward to the next stage.
  • Provide tools to assist smokers to overcome difficulties and the many side effects of quitting.
  • Calculate that only a small amount of nicotine will be left in the body by cut-off day, so withdrawals do not occur.
  • Offer guidance on how to approach the Cut-off Day with confidence and a positive attitude, armed with the tools needed to beat the habit.
  • Implement Action Steps that eliminate those last smoking triggers and remove most of the nicotine from the body in preparation for the Cut-off Day.

Session 5

  • Offer encouragement and instruction on how to achieve final cessation by pulling together all techniques that address the habit on all levels.
  • Gear up for Cut-Off Day and deal with fear and apprehension.
  • Explore the cost of smoking, and discover fun ways to spend cigarette money that will accumulate after stopping.
  • Discuss the 3 R’s for maintaining motivation and reinforcement: Reasons for Quitting, Repatterning and Rewards.
  • Explore benefits of being a non-smoker as a means of reinforcement.
  • Implement further strategies to prevent weight gain.
  • Deal with symptoms of recovery.
  • Look at other goals and rewards as a new way of life.
  • Introduce Action Steps to reinforce the new habit of not smoking and avoid pitfalls.

Session 6

  • Offer congratulations and encouragement - moving into phase 2.
  • Learn how to deal with problems - physical and emotional adjustment.
  • Utilize techniques to decode and distract from cravings, and repattern future activities to make things easier.
  • Understand emotional reactions to quitting and record feelings and emotions from past week.
  • Put into place reinforcement techniques.
  • Focus on the many benefits of being smoke free.
  • Provide more information on weight issues so that weight gain and fluid retention are not problems.
  • Explore the “Instant Help list” that assists with difficulties.
  • Continue Action Steps to become comfortable with not smoking, and reinforce the new habit of not smoking, so as to avoid pitfalls.

Session 7

  • Develop an awareness of future triggers - forewarned is forearmed.
  • Address techniques to avoid the most frequent causes of sliding back into smoking.
  • Instil recognition of achievement and set new goals.
  • Focus on the plusses and positives of quitting to create long-term success.
  • Learn strategies to live happily with a new non-smoking way of life.
  • Encourage more strategies for stress management.
  • Offer congratulations on a job well done and final reminders on how to stay smoke free forever.
  • Create ongoing support by encouraging calls to the Smokenders free-call Help-Line (1800-021-000).

Please note
Additional instructions are given in the event that the smoker wishes to use patches (NRT)

TEL: 1800-021-000 WEB:






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