Briefly, Smokenders is a practical and hands-on program whereby the smoker identifies and deals with all the issues pertaining to their particular habit — while they are still smoking. This process allows for the participant to keep smoking or ‘patching’ up to the fifth week. During this period the smoker is dealing with all aspects of their habit as well as being weaned off the addictive nicotine drug. After all, who wants to stop smoking, but still crave a cigarette? At Smokenders we also address the psychological aspects of smoking — not just the physical ones. Participants learn various quitting techniques and set specific goals for their 'cut-off day'. So, when 'cut-off day' arrives, they are prepared physically, psychologically and emotionally to stop — for good!

Following cut-off, there are two more weeks for reinforcement. This is an important part of the program, as the smoker needs to be prepared to deal with life issues as a non-smoker. Furthermore, a full long term support network is available.

Finally, it's important to realise that Smokenders does not require willpower and is not group therapy. The program is presented in a detailed and easy to follow manner. In fact, many participants have commented about how clever and how much fun the program is. Please see some of our testimonials as evidence of how Smokenders really works and the positive impact it has had on people’s lives.

Many TV shows and news reports have highlighted Smokenders technology and achievements. A FREE DVD showing them is available on request. Just call 1800-021-000 (free call) or email and we shall mail one to you.




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