All programs and support mechanisms are run by trained instructors (Moderators) - all of whom have been smokers who quit successfully using our program.

If you are interested in stopping smoking, please call our Head Office for a free Information Pack, including the free Smokenders Information DVD.

Call 1800-021-000 (free-call) or email and we shall send the information to you. The Smokenders program is available to all smokers throughout Australia and appropriate territories  -  see the Home Quit-Kit.

Now that you are thinking of quitting, let this be a reminder:

Smokenders program does not use any scare tactics at all, as scaring smokers does not help them to quit.

In our proven program smokers must continue to smoke until the 5th weekly session and only then do they stop smoking.

However, it will do no harm to remind smokers that unless they take action now, serious health problems could occur. For that reason we encourage smokers to look at the video below and to take action now. Tomorrow could be too late . . . . .


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